Penghu Island Riding Trip

Trip: 17 April 2009 to 24 April 2009 (6 days)
Location: Penghu Island, Taiwan
Total biking distance: 320Km

Pingtung County April Trip

Day 01 Sun 5 Apr
Hengchun Township Ride 16.3Km

We met up with the biking members from Formosan Serow Biking Club at 8am in Kaohsiung Extreme Sport Center. Together 11 bikers, 2 pick-up trucks and 2 cars set out to Hengchun Township in Pingtung County, somewhere near to Kenting for a leisure ride. The southern island ride covered 16.3km and it took us to Longshei Police Station where they provide all the biker's need from a cold refreshment to bike repair if needed. We later rode on to Guanshan Temple and had a bird eye view of the coast but too bad it was hazy on that day. About 1.5km south of the temple, we stop over for a lunch break where they served the famous intestinal glutinous rice with sausage. After the break we headed down the coast and rode back to our vehicle.

Giant Maestro Bike School and YOHO Bike Hotel

When Ak asked me if I was interested in attending a bike school, I wasn't sure what I was in for. Until I was there only then did I realised it was Taiwan's Giant Maestro Bike School Grand Opening on that day. I felt very honored to be there and witness the grand opening. The Bike School is located in Hengchun Township, only a few kilometers away from Taiwan's famous beach, Kenting. The grand opening was not just the Giant Maestro Bike School, YOHO Landis Beach Club had converted part of the area into a YOHO Bike Hotel. The rooms and around the hotel area had been converted to a bike friendly area which included bike spa, road trip around the area or an off-road MTB class, bike stand to hang your bike in the room and, a little nice fan to put infornt of your bike and many more!!