Southern Cross-Island Highway 20 before Typhoon

Last Visited: 21st Jun 2009

I enjoyed driving down Southern Cross-Island Highway 20. This route will take you all the across the island to Taitung. There are many things to see and do from camping, hiking, mountain climbing or visit the aborigial village. My plan was to go across the island to view the sea of cloud but there were few landslide at 140K mark.

Laonong River White Water Rafting

Fee: NT700 weekdays / NT800 weekend
Last visited: 19 Jun 2009

Wutai Aboriginal Mountain

Pingtung County
Last Visited: 18 Jun 2009

Driving along Route 24 will get you into Wutai Mountain however along the way there is Police Checkpoint that you will need to register yourself. Foreginers are to bring along either Passport or ARC but seriously when I was there, they didn't even bother to look at our documents. Before reaching Wutai, you will arrived at a village called ShenShan. There are many places to spend a night in ShenShan and Wutai but I was more interested in their campsites.

This one of the popular site "ShenShan Villa" where they have camping ground. If you like to know more details, click here

Another campsite which was advised by my biking friend Bro Lung, he had camp this location many years ago but this time when I visited, it look deserted.

Ailiaobei River

This is one of the best Aiyi or Jelly I tasted so I decided to pull over to share it with my kids

Hunter's house, those are Wild Boar skull. The Aboriginal would hang outside the house wall to present to the villages his bravery

Almost 90 percent of the Aboriginals are Christians.

Dalukuan Water Theme Park

Around Kaohsiung City

Around Kaohsiung City, you will find these bikes for rental. Over the last year, the government had put an extensive effort to promote biking on this island and Kaoshiung City is no exception. The idea was to promote a Green City for the locals and to prepare for the World Games in July 2009 but I sincerely find that tourist should take this advantage of this system. It is so much easier to ride a bike and sightseeing around the city.

120Km Kaohsiung to Kenting

Date: 6 Jun 2009
Biking Distance: 120Km

Together with my kids and partner we joined ak, Mr Ong, Ginson and the kids from Koahsiung on their graduation ride from Kaohsiung to Kenting.

LP Discovery

Saturday 30 May 2009
Koahsiung backyard (LP or Broken Hill)

Together me, ak and Meng Hwee a fellow undergrad from the local Uni here met in the afternoon for a short discovery ride in LP. ak's idea was to find more tracks around the area so we can loop-up with the existing known track. So together with my GPS we set off to explore the unknown.

FSB Club Bike Treasure Hunt

Sunday 31 May 2009
Pingtung County