Gathering at The Galley

Dujin Road, Kaohsiung City
Last visited: 18 Nov 2009

A small gathering with my biker's friends and families before I head back to Singapore for few weeks. The Galley is both a pub and restaurant and I must say the food is worth the money you spent on. I would like to thank my friends for arranging these event.

Hermit Crab

Kending, Pintung County
Last Visited: 14 Nov 2009

This is by far the biggest hermit crap I have seen. When we caught it, it quickly left the shell and tried to make a quick escape. This is also my first time I have seen a hermit crab off the shell. When it was fully extended, it was bigger than my hand and almost the size of a baseball cap.

Earthen Jar Oven Roast Chicken 甕窯雞

宜蘭礁溪 JiaoXi, Ilan County
N24.83711 E121.78682
Last visited 17 Jul 2009

This is the best roasted chicken I tasted in Taiwan or my entire life. The chicken is roast to perfection and marinated with garlic and other spices. The texture of the chicken meat just melts in your mouth with the fantastic flavour.

Aboriginal Mountain Food

NanZhuang, Miaoli County
N24.54104 E121.02783
Last visited 01 Aug 2009

This is an open air restaurant located in NanZhuang Township on a mountain around 900mtrs above sea-level. The restaurant is being run by Aboriginal people living around the area. The idea of coming here was to taste Mountain Trout.

Seafood Hotpot in DongGang

Pingtung County
N22.47204 E120.45990
Last Visited 7 Nov 2009

SiChuan MaLa Hot Pot

Lao SiChuan 老四川
Kaohsiung City
Last Visited: Oct 2009

Lao SiChuan which just relocated a month ago in Kaohsiung City has been receiving a rather good response from the diners. If you have not made any prior appointment, you would have to wait for atleast 45min to an hour. I decided to check out what is so special about this restaurant.