After the Typhoon - Milk Fish 虱目魚 Fiesta

After the typhoon hit Kaohsiung City last weeks and caused massive flooding around the area with as many as 30,000 cars submerged. Somehow today 7 Oct 2010, Love River have a different twist of fate.

We decided to go for a city ride which covered almost 10km and our route took us back by the Love River and we were surprised that there were so many anglers along the river. We decided to stop and see what was the commotion..... It was a Milk Fish Fiesta!!! Everyone was trying to lay their catch and we too took a few fishes home, by the way Milk fish is Taiwanese delicacy. 

燒肉屋 BBQ House

12 May 2010

This is the third time we patronized this BBQ restaurant but this time is different. A very special friend to us and our family, Breden Chua. Currently he and his college, Lim are here on work assignment by Manitowoc, an American Crane Company. I got to know both of them through work when I was their client. Over the years Breden and me got to know each other better because we shared the same passion, beers and bikes. Those years we would set off from on our BMW bikes to Thailand and enjoy the sun, sand and sea.  

鳥松鄉 NiaoSong MTB

9 May 2010

This is basically a short trail around 8.5Km but mostly technical, from hill climb, riding down the steps and even carry the bike up the hill.

Last time I rode in this track was about a year ago. It felt good coming back to the place again and see those bridge crossing we made was still intact. Today's weather was hitting hard on me, my whole body was burning hot. Wish there was a waterfall.

烏山頭水庫 WuShanTou Reservoir

30 Mar 2010
N23 11.497 E120 23.784

We arrived WuShanTou Reservoir from Siao Ruishi 小瑞士 pretty late in the afternoon. After contemplating if you should camp at 烏山頭水庫風景區 Wusantou Reservoir Camp we decided to drive around the reservoir using the plantation roads till we find a nice spot to spend a night.

大手燒 DaShouShao

21 Apr 2010
N22 35.243 E120 17.194

Located on Cijin Island, Kaohsiung City, together our friends ZhongHan and YaPing we decided to head down to Cijin Island to try the Japanese 關東煮  and BBQ. It was understood that most of their dishes were imported from Japan.

彩虹瀑布 Caihong Waterfall

6 Sep 2006
N23 33.997 E120 56.201

Located north east from 東埔 DongPu Hot Spring area, the waterfall is a short hike away around 1.5km from the town.