Ending the Rat Year in The MeiShan Kou Mountain,

As the RAT year coming to a closure and the coming of the OX. My partner's family decided to have a family outdoor camping. The plan was to get out during the long 9 days Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in Taiwan but we decided to push it ahead. We predicted that the mountains will be filled by humans and the city would be dead like a ghost town during the CNY. So we decided to beat the crowd to it and head off early.

DaMuMuShan Ride

Pingtung County
18 Jan 2009

After having my Giant Trance XO setup since Oct 08, I finally had the chance to unleash it in Taiwan, Pingtung County. On Sunday 18 Jan 2009 together with 6 more bikers from the Formosan Serow Biking Club we set off to exlpore the mountain what they called 母山 or in google map DaMu Mu Shan about 2424mtrs high.

Little Ghost Lake Trail Ride

Sat 3rd Jan 2009 was the most memorial MTB ride I ever had. I like to thanks the Formosan Serow Biking Club for inviting me to a trail exploration ride in Pingtung County, Wutai up in the mountain 1400m high to Little Ghost Lake (2300m). Altogether we had 8 bikers including a lady in the group; 勁桑、宗漢、錦芳、志明、ak,Spencer與阿宏、騰宏(另肥羊、龍大哥請病假). Our group leader Ah Kuei was riding a 29" SINGLE speed bike.... What can I say more... he's the man!!