Ending the Rat Year in The MeiShan Kou Mountain,

As the RAT year coming to a closure and the coming of the OX. My partner's family decided to have a family outdoor camping. The plan was to get out during the long 9 days Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in Taiwan but we decided to push it ahead. We predicted that the mountains will be filled by humans and the city would be dead like a ghost town during the CNY. So we decided to beat the crowd to it and head off early.

On the 21st Jan we left Kaohsiung and drove in 2 cars to Mei-Shan Kou in Kaohsiung County for a 3 days camping trip. It was a route that I wanted to travel 2 years back. The mountain route 20 is one of the most beautiful route to travel. You can either do a lazy camp out, take a bike and start climbing the mountain, visit the country side where the aboriginals local lived in, have a hot spa in Boalai, have a view of sea of clouds in Yakou or climb a mountain which my partner's family did and I just lay back :)
They under estimated the climb which took them 6hrs up and down to a mountain 3222 mtrs high...... Well for me this is suppose to be a relaxing break and sun tanning my over filled beer tummy, I just have beers, beers and more beers.....

Mei-shah, Taiwan

Well at least I did some tour around the area beside drinking beer..... there are really few nice spot where you can visit. There was this Singaporean that I met last year while on the way to Kaohsiung, he rented a bike and rode round the bottom half of the island where I just been.The Quick Brown Fox jumps Over the Lazy Dog


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