Sun Moon Lake Biking and Sitou Hiking

The weekend 6 to 8 Feb 2009, last minute decision to head up Sun Moon Lake and Sitou for some outdoor activity.

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 Google Map

This is the third time I have been to Sun Moon Lake but this time was different, we decided to bike around Sun Moon Lake.

Accommodation - Youth Centre
Room - 7/10 bedding was comfortable with wooden flooring
Food - 6/10 dinner was nothing great, breakfast was good.
Service - 7/10 no room service but the counter was helpful.
Room for 4 package would cost around NTD3100 included bikes (Giant Boulder), dinner and breakfast

Activity - 20km biking around the lake.
Resource - Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area

Sitou Forest Recreation Park 溪頭森林遊樂區 Google Map

Indeed is a recreation park, basically you just walk and walk and view the nature. Most of the path have been paved so kids and elderly could just do it.
Accommodation - Youth Centre
Room - 7/10 wooden flooring no beds but bedding provided
Food - 6/10 nothing fantastic
Service - 6/10 no room service but counter was helpful
Room package of 8 included dinner and breakfast cost around NTD3500

Activity - 20km of so call "Hiking".

Well.. This is not really an adventure trip but a recreation fun for family. However I did some workout like pushing myself biking faster up the mountain in Sun Moon Lake and running up and down almost 2km of steps in Sitou. It been 2 days since I am back and both my legs are still aching. Guess it had been a good work out over the weekend.

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