Tainan Red House Track Ride

Tainan Red House Track
23 Mar 2009
Tainan County
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JiMuShan Ride 雞母山

Kaohsiung Trail 雞母山
15 Mar 2009
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Giant Trance X zero aka "Silver"

Silver was born on the 10 Oct 2008. She was picked up in Singapore bared body from Tay Cycle which I traded SGD2000 for her. She was stripped off all her parts, only the fox RP23 shox, crane creek headset and her body came back with me. I had her rebuilt based on my specification which will be discussed in a later stage.

Why did I choose Silver?
There are few reasons why I picked her. Currently Giant is the largest manufacturer of the world's bike population. Giant gave birth to the second generation Trance somewhere in mid 2007 and since then there were great reviews on the bike which you can view below. Here is a brief history of the company

One point I have noted that is most of the renowned bike manufacturers have their bikes build in Taiwan such as Jamis, Scott, Specialized and so on. Giant being the household name in Taiwan, it is logical to get a bike that the country industry is based upon. Why would I pay more for an American model when it was built in Taiwan.

Second generation Trance X zero was built on the most advance technology; Alluxx Aluminum Technology and also the design of Maestro suspension which had proven very effective since 2005. The new design of the aluminum frame with four piviot point suspension had reduced the weight by 450gm from the first generation.

As for her looks, you have to agree that she is a beauty, the polished bared aluminum make her stand out in the crowd and further to that she will take scratches that will not show too much. When you saddle her, the curves on the upper tube makes you look tall.

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