Maolin Disaster Area - Day 1 (click here to photo album)

After 1 week Tyohoon Morakot left Taiwan, me and the Formosan Serow Bike Club together 8 of us decided to head down to Maolin to lend a helping hand. So on Sat 15 Aug morning we met at the bike school to assist in delivering the supplies to Maolin villages.

Maolin Disaster Area - Day 2 (click here to photo album)

Day 2, the FSB club took out their own donation and bought a few more supplies that the villages actually needed. Supplies such as milk powder, sanitary pad, rice etc. They have too much instant noodles and water was not really needed as they still have access to mountain water.
With one car loaded of supplies and 6 of us, we set out for the Humanitarian Aid mission. But when were there, we saw the army had already moved in. At least 500 soldiers were at the scene, so we decided to just send our supplies and head back to Kaohsiung.

Disaster Area in Taiwan

8 Aug 2009 Typhoon Morakot had changed Taiwan's southern landscape. Please view map before deciding to head up these area.


Typhoon Morakot - Kaohsiung City Hall Relief Center

When I decided to donate my 2 sleeping bags, I was glad to see that there are so many volunteers at the relief center. Cars after cars came in with their donations. There are many rations being donated but I still feel they need more warm clothing and blankets.

Typhoon Morakot 莫拉克

This will be Taiwan's number 8 typhoon this year and the first to have a direct hit on the island.

Morakot is a Thai name for emerald and Typhoon Morakot will make land call around Ilan County somewhere in the evening on 7 Aug 2009. Follow the post below for the update of the typhoon till her aftermath on the island.

Shen Xian Valley Waterfall 神仙谷瀑布

Tri-Mountain ASA, Miaoli County
Google Map
Last visited: 31 July 2009

Shen Xian Valley is located about 13Km south east from Nan Zhuang Township.
From the parking lot, take a short walk down the 207 steps (if i counted correctly), you will be immersed with a beautiful view of Shen Xian Waterfall which is merged from 2 rivers. There is a trail after
the suspesion bridge from Shi Men old road 石門古道 to Shi Men Suspension Bridge. The trail is about 2.2Km and it takes about an hour half. This area is worth a visit if you nearby even you do not plan to hike Shi Men old road

NanZhuang Fish Conservation Trail 南庄七星護魚步道

Tri-Mountain NSA, Miaoli County
Google Map
Last visited: 31 July 2009

This is a short hike, the area is a fish conservation area thus no fishing is allow. The trail is mostly done up with wooden walk way along the river.

Lingsia Cave 靈霞洞

Google Map
Tri-Mountian NSA, Hsinchu County
Last visited: 30 July 2009

Shuilian Cave 水簾洞

Tri-Mountain NSA, Hsinchu County
Fee: free for all
Google Map
Last visited: 30 Jul 2009

Suitated in Miaoli County, near to Lion's Heads Mountain 獅頭山 Visitor Center . It is the largest natural grotto in Lion's Head Mountain. The hike around the are takes about half hour.