Maolin Disaster Area - Day 2 (click here to photo album)

Day 2, the FSB club took out their own donation and bought a few more supplies that the villages actually needed. Supplies such as milk powder, sanitary pad, rice etc. They have too much instant noodles and water was not really needed as they still have access to mountain water.
With one car loaded of supplies and 6 of us, we set out for the Humanitarian Aid mission. But when were there, we saw the army had already moved in. At least 500 soldiers were at the scene, so we decided to just send our supplies and head back to Kaohsiung.

Loading the supplies onto our backpack

the local sending their own supplies to the villages

unloading our supplies

we are thinking what else to do the end we headed back

Here comes the Army..!!

I saw this Huski scouting for food by the river

someone's dog tied to a half sunk house

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