Shen Xian Valley Waterfall 神仙谷瀑布

Tri-Mountain ASA, Miaoli County
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Last visited: 31 July 2009

Shen Xian Valley is located about 13Km south east from Nan Zhuang Township.
From the parking lot, take a short walk down the 207 steps (if i counted correctly), you will be immersed with a beautiful view of Shen Xian Waterfall which is merged from 2 rivers. There is a trail after
the suspesion bridge from Shi Men old road 石門古道 to Shi Men Suspension Bridge. The trail is about 2.2Km and it takes about an hour half. This area is worth a visit if you nearby even you do not plan to hike Shi Men old road

30 meters high suspension bridge across the Da Tong river

view of Da Tong River 大東河 from the bridge.

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