AliShan Cherry Blossom

Last Visited 12 Mar 2010
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The last time I was in Alishan park was 4 years ago with my kids. This time I am up there with family to view the cherry blossom (sakura). After the long hike around the area, we decided to take the forbidden road back to our vehicle. 

Qi Keng Wild Hot Spring 七坑野溪溫泉

Kaohsiung County
Last Visited: 28 Feb 2009
GPS: N23 06.126 E120 45.150

This is the best wild hot spring in Southern Taiwan!! My fellow biker friends discussed during our camping trip at Shidong Hot Spring campsite. So the next day I decided to embark an unknown journey as we are unsure how the Aug 8 2009 disaster left in her path.

Tainan Oyster Farming

YingDa Ecological Leisure Farm Camping Trip 穎達生態休閒農場

Pingtung County
Last Visited: 19 ~ 20 Dec 2009
GPS: N22 38.732 E120 37.620

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Eric and Sandy's Blog

My son first camping trip with our club in Pingtung County where he experienced the first tremor of an earthquake from Hualien County. There was many groups in our camping trip. Each preparing their own meals and thus led to over surplus of food but thank god there were those who came just to help themselves for a meal from each of the group.

Shidong Hotspring Camping 石洞溫泉野營

Kaohsiung County
Last Visited: 27 ~ 28 Feb 2010
GPS: N23 05.194 E120 43.575

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Daniel Lin's Blog

The road to Southern Highway have much been repaired since Aug 8 2009 disaster. Located around BaoLai, our biking club decided to embark a camping trip into Kaohsiung County's mountain for hotspring camping. The camping trip consists of 2 groups, one doing the easy way by driving up and another hardcore group led by AK decided to embark a 90km, 7hrs biking journey from Kaohsiung City.