YingDa Ecological Leisure Farm Camping Trip 穎達生態休閒農場

Pingtung County
Last Visited: 19 ~ 20 Dec 2009
GPS: N22 38.732 E120 37.620

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Eric and Sandy's Blog

My son first camping trip with our club in Pingtung County where he experienced the first tremor of an earthquake from Hualien County. There was many groups in our camping trip. Each preparing their own meals and thus led to over surplus of food but thank god there were those who came just to help themselves for a meal from each of the group.

a horse came by our way

deciding where to pitch the tent

our domain

bamboo rice chef

let the fire burn

zhongHan is satisfied with his work

kids deciding to study or play

my simple hot pot dinner 

sausages courtesy of ZhongHan and partner

son learning balacing act from GinSan

deciding to make a portable BBQ grill

hammock time

GinSan and wife preparing lunch

Ball time

lunch over?

smile for daddy!!

YaPing and Pet

Lunch Time!!!

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