Shidong Hotspring Camping 石洞溫泉野營

Kaohsiung County
Last Visited: 27 ~ 28 Feb 2010
GPS: N23 05.194 E120 43.575

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The road to Southern Highway have much been repaired since Aug 8 2009 disaster. Located around BaoLai, our biking club decided to embark a camping trip into Kaohsiung County's mountain for hotspring camping. The camping trip consists of 2 groups, one doing the easy way by driving up and another hardcore group led by AK decided to embark a 90km, 7hrs biking journey from Kaohsiung City.

Overall the trip was fantastic except that I might have prepared too much for dinner and we did not have the evening BBQ or maybe they were too hungry waiting for my Asian delight dinner.

first to arrive families

future rider to be

mobile camping chef vehicle

instrument for the night

our BBQ chefs

Asian delights treat, Beef Rendang and Curry Chicken 

our coffee specialist

breakfast chef

top secret bike trailer on test trial

 the hardcore riders

family gathering before departure

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