After the Typhoon - Milk Fish 虱目魚 Fiesta

After the typhoon hit Kaohsiung City last weeks and caused massive flooding around the area with as many as 30,000 cars submerged. Somehow today 7 Oct 2010, Love River have a different twist of fate.

We decided to go for a city ride which covered almost 10km and our route took us back by the Love River and we were surprised that there were so many anglers along the river. We decided to stop and see what was the commotion..... It was a Milk Fish Fiesta!!! Everyone was trying to lay their catch and we too took a few fishes home, by the way Milk fish is Taiwanese delicacy. 

燒肉屋 BBQ House

12 May 2010

This is the third time we patronized this BBQ restaurant but this time is different. A very special friend to us and our family, Breden Chua. Currently he and his college, Lim are here on work assignment by Manitowoc, an American Crane Company. I got to know both of them through work when I was their client. Over the years Breden and me got to know each other better because we shared the same passion, beers and bikes. Those years we would set off from on our BMW bikes to Thailand and enjoy the sun, sand and sea.  

鳥松鄉 NiaoSong MTB

9 May 2010

This is basically a short trail around 8.5Km but mostly technical, from hill climb, riding down the steps and even carry the bike up the hill.

Last time I rode in this track was about a year ago. It felt good coming back to the place again and see those bridge crossing we made was still intact. Today's weather was hitting hard on me, my whole body was burning hot. Wish there was a waterfall.

烏山頭水庫 WuShanTou Reservoir

30 Mar 2010
N23 11.497 E120 23.784

We arrived WuShanTou Reservoir from Siao Ruishi 小瑞士 pretty late in the afternoon. After contemplating if you should camp at 烏山頭水庫風景區 Wusantou Reservoir Camp we decided to drive around the reservoir using the plantation roads till we find a nice spot to spend a night.

大手燒 DaShouShao

21 Apr 2010
N22 35.243 E120 17.194

Located on Cijin Island, Kaohsiung City, together our friends ZhongHan and YaPing we decided to head down to Cijin Island to try the Japanese 關東煮  and BBQ. It was understood that most of their dishes were imported from Japan.

彩虹瀑布 Caihong Waterfall

6 Sep 2006
N23 33.997 E120 56.201

Located north east from 東埔 DongPu Hot Spring area, the waterfall is a short hike away around 1.5km from the town. 

關子嶺紅葉溫泉山莊 GuanZiLing Honye Hot Spring Villa

15 Mar 2009
N23 19.941 E120 30.213

GuanZiLing is another hot spring area in Taiwan, it is also one of the few places in Taiwan with mud hot spring. We decided to drop by this area to get a hot shower and wash our clothes as we had been camping in our van for few days. As it was a weekday, there was hardly  any crowd and we decided bargain for the prices. We managed to get NT500 for both us otherwise we would have to pay NT700.

關子嶺水火同源 GuanZiLing Shui Huo

15 Mar 2010
N23 19.328 E120 29.087

九份 JiuFen

15 Jul 2009
N25 06.743 E121 50.880

When I was in Singapore, my friend Calvin who runs a camping store told me he was coming to 九份 JiuFen. He told me it is one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan, situated on a hill over looking Taipei City and the sea. When I returned back Taiwan, without returning home we headed for JiFen. 

口吅品麻辣臭豆腐 KouSongPin Mala Smelly Tofu

22 Feb 2010
N25 10.315 E121 26.747

I have eaten many smelly tofu hot pot and really like them but this is different. When we were in 淡水鎮 DanShui Night Market, we decided to try this 麻辣臭豆腐 Mala Smelly Tofu. As I am a very fussy food eater, we decided to order just one bowl of house special. So what did we think about it? This is one of the best Mala Smelly Tofu we have tasted, even my partner who is a Taiwanese agrees with my point of view. At time we will still miss this Special Mala Smelly Tofu.

九族文化村 Formosan Abooriginal Culture Village

6 Sep 2006
N23 52.248 E120 56.636

Located just around the corner of Sun Moon Lake, this was our first Theme Park when my kids first came to Taiwan. It is not a place just for kids to play but a very informative back ground on the natives of this island. 

磯崎 Jici Beach

7 Mar 2007 
3 Apr 2010
N23 42.066 E121 33.035

This is a surfer paradise beach, there is a campsite Jici Beach Recreation Area 磯崎海水浴場 located at the beach but it seems that everytime when I am there, it is not opened. The last time I was there on 3 Apr 2010 it was still not open. I had a closer look around the area and it seems to be in operation but no one is in there. Prior to posting, I just check the website, I was not able to hook up to the website.

頭社水庫 Toushe Reservoir

6 Apr 2010
N23 50.183 E120 53.951

Located just east of Sun Moon Lake, we came up to this area when we saw a camping signboard. We were surprise to find this tranquil area. The owner of the campsite briefly told us that this area was previously used for farming irrigation and now the government  had taken back some of the area and rebuild it. He also informed us that we can view firefly around the lake but we did not get the chance as it was raining for last 2 days. Around the lake, there are few Chalets but they have stop the construction due to grey water being dump into the reservoir. 

合歡山 Mt Hehuan

7 Mar 2007
N24 08.578 E121 17.066

The first time we headed up to Hehuan Shan we were in luck. It started to snow as we drove from Taroko National Park. Being a tropical lander, never did me and the kids seen snow. It was an extreme delight for all of us, the kids enjoyed so much in the snow.

南灣 South Bay

19 Oct 2009
N21 55.895 E120 44.781

Aound Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, my favourite hangout area would be at 南灣 South Bay. The water over this area are less choppy and makes a great place for water sport activities. However because  of the Nuclear Power Plant location, many locals worries about the contamination of the water. As for me there had been no reports of any accident still make a good place to enjoy. Here are some tips

Taiwan Southern Point

19 Oct 2009
N21 53.888 E120 51.481

Caoshan Moon World 草山月世界

16 Mar 2010
N22 59.087 E120 26.452

Following my GPS to the nearest place of interest, we ended up this area coming down from  308 high land (三0八高地). The downhill from 三0八高地 to Caoshan Moon World was rather steep and mostly off-road. After driving around the area we found that the whole place had been under tourist. Most of the tourist site were not taken care and most of the area are slowly turning into a farm land. This area is definitely not worth the visit.

安平黑豆花 Anping Black Soybean Curd

N22 59.981 E120 09.187

I love soybean curd, first time I tried Taiwan's cold soybean curd was a bike ride with the club from Kaohsiung to Tainan. Ever since we pass by the area we would stop by for a cold soybean curd treat. I must say it is one of the best soybean curd we had. There are 2 shops located side by side. One selling the white version soybean curd while the other the black soybean curd. We prefer the black version which was smoother and tastier.

Fort Zeelandia 安平熱蘭遮城

2 Feb 2010
N23 00.094 E120 09.652

Fort Zeelandia was build over the span of ten year from 1624 - 1634. Dutch last strong hold after 38 year of occupation on the island was later defeated by the Chinese Ming Dynasty General Zheng Cheng Gong after 9months of siege. The Dutch surrendered the fortress and left the island in 1662 after a signed agreement Treaty. The defeat was partly blame for failed reinforcement from the Java.

Hoya Spa Hotel 虎爺溫泉會館

28 May 2009
N23 30.132 E121 21.551

The spa hotel is ran by an elderly couple, the main spa pool area is separated by a road from the hotel. The hotel room is pretty comfortable and they come with an indoor hot spa tub. Around the spa pool area there are water parks for the kids. The main spa area consist of few different pools with various temperate hot spring water.

秀姑巒溪泛舟 Xiuguluan White Water Rafting

29 May 2008
N23 29.360 E121 24.085

Guess this is the only place we currently know that we can enjoy white water rafting after the 8 Aug 2009 disaster that destroy the Laonong River in Kaohsiung County. Comparing both rafting area we preferred Laonong River as there are more rapids however the Xiuguluan River will cover more distance. Rafting arrangement can be done at location otherwise here is a contact link. The rafting center provide camping site, click here for details

Houbi Marine Reserve

1 Apr 2010
N21 56.162 E120 44.782

A small stretch of Marine reserve area, great for soaking yourself or snorkeling however there is no washing point available.

後壁港漁港 Houbi Fishery Port

1 Apr 2010
N21 56.765 E120 44.654

This is one of my preferred fishery port, not only the water is blue and green but the "sashimi" is one hell of a bargain. 

Highway 26

2 Apr 2010

I was curious why there was not a coastal road from Syuhai to Daiwu instead you will need to drive around the mountain to the other side. On my GPS it did indicated a small road, previously I did attempt from Syuhai  trying the small road but it came to a dead end at a radar station. So this time I tried from the other end from Daren village.

太麻里 Taimali Beach Park

29 Jan 2010
N22 37.031 E121 00.644

巨石文化遺址 JuShi Historic Culture Center

29 Jan 2010 
N22 47.612 E121 07.088

東河橋 Donghe Bridge

28 Jan 2010
N22 58.597 E121 18.309

白沙灣 Baisha Wan

1 Feb 2010
N21 56.074 E120 43.010

六口溫泉 Six Well Hot Spring

28 Jan 2010
N23 10.513 E121 01.794

太平洋海水溫泉 Pacific Ocean Sea water Hot Spring

2 Apr 2010
N22 31.768 E120 57.960

Located in Taitung, Tamali Village, we were very surprised how this hot spring joint survived the last 8 Aug 2009 flooding disaster. It just sits right beside the JinLun river which buried hundreds of families.  The hot spring joint cost NT150 for use other camping would cost NT250

SyuHai Hot Spring 旭海溫泉

港仔大沙漠 Kangzi Great Desert

1 Apr 2010

While driving from Kenting to SyuHai, I decided to take a detour to Kangzi Great Desert and have some fun with my 4WD turtle. 

西螺大橋 Xiluo Big Bridge

8 Apr 2010

A bridge spanning almost 2Km that took 15 years to complete. The project started in 1936 and completed in 1952. 

Spicy Dinner

10 Apr 2010

It been a while I cooked up a spicy feast. Finally after their busy work schedule, I managed to invite ZhongHan, YaPing and Ah Kui for dinner. So far they are a few Taiwanese friends I know can handle the heat. I decided to prepare sambal kangkong, curry fish head, curry crab and sambal prawn to go Thai white rice.

烏山 Wu Shan

16 Mar 2010
N23 02.071 E120 30.493

東河包子 Donghe Boa

3 Apr 2010
N22 58.103 E121 18.268

小關山林道 Xiao Guan Mountain Trail

28 Mar 2010

文山溫泉 Wenshan Hot Spring

Last visited 4 Apr 2010

Located in Taroko National Park, this hot spring area is currently closed. I was told about this hot spring when I met a guy from Taichung while camping around the area. He told me he used to frequent this area and the hot spring was one of his favourite hang out. Next day taking his advise, we drove 2km up north from our  campsite to seek out the hot spring. Watch me and Siboy our dog how we got to the hot dip!!

AliShan Cherry Blossom

Last Visited 12 Mar 2010
photo album

The last time I was in Alishan park was 4 years ago with my kids. This time I am up there with family to view the cherry blossom (sakura). After the long hike around the area, we decided to take the forbidden road back to our vehicle. 

Qi Keng Wild Hot Spring 七坑野溪溫泉

Kaohsiung County
Last Visited: 28 Feb 2009
GPS: N23 06.126 E120 45.150

This is the best wild hot spring in Southern Taiwan!! My fellow biker friends discussed during our camping trip at Shidong Hot Spring campsite. So the next day I decided to embark an unknown journey as we are unsure how the Aug 8 2009 disaster left in her path.