Highway 26

2 Apr 2010

I was curious why there was not a coastal road from Syuhai to Daiwu instead you will need to drive around the mountain to the other side. On my GPS it did indicated a small road, previously I did attempt from Syuhai  trying the small road but it came to a dead end at a radar station. So this time I tried from the other end from Daren village.

well... it says Highway 26 construction and should be completed by the end of 2010. Finally they are building a road. 

suddenly the road stops here...and is off road all the way to Syuhai

bumpy ride..

Debris from last typhoon on 楓港溪 Feng Gang river that we have to drive through. If this is a rainy season there is no way you going to get across the bank

Highway 26 end here, there is no more road ahead

over this section, that will be Syhai village

very creative idea 

nice bamboo house
stone house
out of the blue there is a park

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