Gathering at The Galley

Dujin Road, Kaohsiung City
Last visited: 18 Nov 2009

A small gathering with my biker's friends and families before I head back to Singapore for few weeks. The Galley is both a pub and restaurant and I must say the food is worth the money you spent on. I would like to thank my friends for arranging these event.

Hermit Crab

Kending, Pintung County
Last Visited: 14 Nov 2009

This is by far the biggest hermit crap I have seen. When we caught it, it quickly left the shell and tried to make a quick escape. This is also my first time I have seen a hermit crab off the shell. When it was fully extended, it was bigger than my hand and almost the size of a baseball cap.

Earthen Jar Oven Roast Chicken 甕窯雞

宜蘭礁溪 JiaoXi, Ilan County
N24.83711 E121.78682
Last visited 17 Jul 2009

This is the best roasted chicken I tasted in Taiwan or my entire life. The chicken is roast to perfection and marinated with garlic and other spices. The texture of the chicken meat just melts in your mouth with the fantastic flavour.

Aboriginal Mountain Food

NanZhuang, Miaoli County
N24.54104 E121.02783
Last visited 01 Aug 2009

This is an open air restaurant located in NanZhuang Township on a mountain around 900mtrs above sea-level. The restaurant is being run by Aboriginal people living around the area. The idea of coming here was to taste Mountain Trout.

Seafood Hotpot in DongGang

Pingtung County
N22.47204 E120.45990
Last Visited 7 Nov 2009

SiChuan MaLa Hot Pot

Lao SiChuan 老四川
Kaohsiung City
Last Visited: Oct 2009

Lao SiChuan which just relocated a month ago in Kaohsiung City has been receiving a rather good response from the diners. If you have not made any prior appointment, you would have to wait for atleast 45min to an hour. I decided to check out what is so special about this restaurant.

Mid Autumn Festival

Last Visited 2 Oct 2009
Kaohsiung County

Our biker group had a small BBQ party to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival also known as the Moon Festival or Zhongqiu Festival. This year festival was hindered by the coming Typhoon so the celebration was made simple. Most families in Taiwan would celebrate the festival by having BBQ. It is said that one this day the Moon will be full but I only  managed to get a 2 sec glimpse as it was covered by the rain clouds.

Dongguang Fishery Port

Last Visited 30 Sep 2009
Pingtung County

I found this fishery port last 2 years while visiting Kenting and since then I have been returning to this port to get fresh seafood supply. Most of the time when I was there, I was not able to see the Tuna catch and auction because the wet market would only begin around 4pm and by then the auction center would have ended. So this time I was there early before noon and managed to get a glimpse of Tuna auction in action but on the other hand my fresh seafood supplies was short, only a handful of fresh seafood stall was opened.

Kenting September Break

Pingtung County
Last Visited 19 Sep 2009

I was dying for another break, the city life is wearing me down each day. I needed SUN, SAND and Sea!! But I prefer to go on a less crowded days so I waited till the school break in Taiwan is over. We drove straight down to the last campsite, DaYuanShan Camp 大圓山露營區 when my kids was here in June after cycling 120km from Kaohsiung. We spent 4 days camping at the same spot. The weather was rather interesting, it was humid on the first day, second and third days was raining and finally sunshine on the last day.

Nei Shi Waterfall 內獅瀑布

Pingtung County
Last Visited 19 Sep 2009

The road to Nei Shi Waterfall is not too smooth as most of the road were damaged by the last Typhoon. However we managed to drive in till 2km before the waterfall and we hiked the remaining distance.

The hike was not too difficult but when it started to rain it made the path pretty slippery. The terrian around the waterfall are rocky, the only flat ground you can find is at the viewing area.

Maolin Disaster Area - Day 1 (click here to photo album)

After 1 week Tyohoon Morakot left Taiwan, me and the Formosan Serow Bike Club together 8 of us decided to head down to Maolin to lend a helping hand. So on Sat 15 Aug morning we met at the bike school to assist in delivering the supplies to Maolin villages.

Maolin Disaster Area - Day 2 (click here to photo album)

Day 2, the FSB club took out their own donation and bought a few more supplies that the villages actually needed. Supplies such as milk powder, sanitary pad, rice etc. They have too much instant noodles and water was not really needed as they still have access to mountain water.
With one car loaded of supplies and 6 of us, we set out for the Humanitarian Aid mission. But when were there, we saw the army had already moved in. At least 500 soldiers were at the scene, so we decided to just send our supplies and head back to Kaohsiung.

Disaster Area in Taiwan

8 Aug 2009 Typhoon Morakot had changed Taiwan's southern landscape. Please view map before deciding to head up these area.


Typhoon Morakot - Kaohsiung City Hall Relief Center

When I decided to donate my 2 sleeping bags, I was glad to see that there are so many volunteers at the relief center. Cars after cars came in with their donations. There are many rations being donated but I still feel they need more warm clothing and blankets.

Typhoon Morakot 莫拉克

This will be Taiwan's number 8 typhoon this year and the first to have a direct hit on the island.

Morakot is a Thai name for emerald and Typhoon Morakot will make land call around Ilan County somewhere in the evening on 7 Aug 2009. Follow the post below for the update of the typhoon till her aftermath on the island.

Shen Xian Valley Waterfall 神仙谷瀑布

Tri-Mountain ASA, Miaoli County
Google Map
Last visited: 31 July 2009

Shen Xian Valley is located about 13Km south east from Nan Zhuang Township.
From the parking lot, take a short walk down the 207 steps (if i counted correctly), you will be immersed with a beautiful view of Shen Xian Waterfall which is merged from 2 rivers. There is a trail after
the suspesion bridge from Shi Men old road 石門古道 to Shi Men Suspension Bridge. The trail is about 2.2Km and it takes about an hour half. This area is worth a visit if you nearby even you do not plan to hike Shi Men old road

NanZhuang Fish Conservation Trail 南庄七星護魚步道

Tri-Mountain NSA, Miaoli County
Google Map
Last visited: 31 July 2009

This is a short hike, the area is a fish conservation area thus no fishing is allow. The trail is mostly done up with wooden walk way along the river.

Lingsia Cave 靈霞洞

Google Map
Tri-Mountian NSA, Hsinchu County
Last visited: 30 July 2009

Shuilian Cave 水簾洞

Tri-Mountain NSA, Hsinchu County
Fee: free for all
Google Map
Last visited: 30 Jul 2009

Suitated in Miaoli County, near to Lion's Heads Mountain 獅頭山 Visitor Center . It is the largest natural grotto in Lion's Head Mountain. The hike around the are takes about half hour.

Yuan Yang Waterfall 鴛鴦瀑布

Pingtung County
Google Map
Last Visited 26 Jul 2009

Located in Pingtung County, the road ends at Ke Zui Villa (客醉山莊) where you can park your car for NTD50 or otherwise if you have meal there, the parking is free.
From there, the hike takes about 45min, 2.9Km to the waterfall. It is best you bring along a pair of wet shoes.

Southern Cross-Island Highway 20 before Typhoon

Last Visited: 21st Jun 2009

I enjoyed driving down Southern Cross-Island Highway 20. This route will take you all the across the island to Taitung. There are many things to see and do from camping, hiking, mountain climbing or visit the aborigial village. My plan was to go across the island to view the sea of cloud but there were few landslide at 140K mark.

Laonong River White Water Rafting

Fee: NT700 weekdays / NT800 weekend
Last visited: 19 Jun 2009

Wutai Aboriginal Mountain

Pingtung County
Last Visited: 18 Jun 2009

Driving along Route 24 will get you into Wutai Mountain however along the way there is Police Checkpoint that you will need to register yourself. Foreginers are to bring along either Passport or ARC but seriously when I was there, they didn't even bother to look at our documents. Before reaching Wutai, you will arrived at a village called ShenShan. There are many places to spend a night in ShenShan and Wutai but I was more interested in their campsites.

This one of the popular site "ShenShan Villa" where they have camping ground. If you like to know more details, click here

Another campsite which was advised by my biking friend Bro Lung, he had camp this location many years ago but this time when I visited, it look deserted.

Ailiaobei River

This is one of the best Aiyi or Jelly I tasted so I decided to pull over to share it with my kids

Hunter's house, those are Wild Boar skull. The Aboriginal would hang outside the house wall to present to the villages his bravery

Almost 90 percent of the Aboriginals are Christians.

Dalukuan Water Theme Park

Around Kaohsiung City

Around Kaohsiung City, you will find these bikes for rental. Over the last year, the government had put an extensive effort to promote biking on this island and Kaoshiung City is no exception. The idea was to promote a Green City for the locals and to prepare for the World Games in July 2009 but I sincerely find that tourist should take this advantage of this system. It is so much easier to ride a bike and sightseeing around the city.

120Km Kaohsiung to Kenting

Date: 6 Jun 2009
Biking Distance: 120Km

Together with my kids and partner we joined ak, Mr Ong, Ginson and the kids from Koahsiung on their graduation ride from Kaohsiung to Kenting.

LP Discovery

Saturday 30 May 2009
Koahsiung backyard (LP or Broken Hill)

Together me, ak and Meng Hwee a fellow undergrad from the local Uni here met in the afternoon for a short discovery ride in LP. ak's idea was to find more tracks around the area so we can loop-up with the existing known track. So together with my GPS we set off to explore the unknown.

FSB Club Bike Treasure Hunt

Sunday 31 May 2009
Pingtung County

Siraya Scenic Area 西拉雅國家風景區

Date: Sunday 17 May 2009
Distance: around 40Km On / Off Road
Fastest Speed: 56km/h Downhill On-Road

The newest of Taiwan's 13 national scenic areas. Designated by the central government on November 26, 2005. Website Info

Pingtung County April Trip

Day 01 Sun 5 Apr
Hengchun Township Ride 16.3Km

We met up with the biking members from Formosan Serow Biking Club at 8am in Kaohsiung Extreme Sport Center. Together 11 bikers, 2 pick-up trucks and 2 cars set out to Hengchun Township in Pingtung County, somewhere near to Kenting for a leisure ride. The southern island ride covered 16.3km and it took us to Longshei Police Station where they provide all the biker's need from a cold refreshment to bike repair if needed. We later rode on to Guanshan Temple and had a bird eye view of the coast but too bad it was hazy on that day. About 1.5km south of the temple, we stop over for a lunch break where they served the famous intestinal glutinous rice with sausage. After the break we headed down the coast and rode back to our vehicle.

Giant Maestro Bike School and YOHO Bike Hotel

When Ak asked me if I was interested in attending a bike school, I wasn't sure what I was in for. Until I was there only then did I realised it was Taiwan's Giant Maestro Bike School Grand Opening on that day. I felt very honored to be there and witness the grand opening. The Bike School is located in Hengchun Township, only a few kilometers away from Taiwan's famous beach, Kenting. The grand opening was not just the Giant Maestro Bike School, YOHO Landis Beach Club had converted part of the area into a YOHO Bike Hotel. The rooms and around the hotel area had been converted to a bike friendly area which included bike spa, road trip around the area or an off-road MTB class, bike stand to hang your bike in the room and, a little nice fan to put infornt of your bike and many more!!

JiMuShan Ride 雞母山

Kaohsiung Trail 雞母山
15 Mar 2009
Google Map

Giant Trance X zero aka "Silver"

Silver was born on the 10 Oct 2008. She was picked up in Singapore bared body from Tay Cycle which I traded SGD2000 for her. She was stripped off all her parts, only the fox RP23 shox, crane creek headset and her body came back with me. I had her rebuilt based on my specification which will be discussed in a later stage.

Why did I choose Silver?
There are few reasons why I picked her. Currently Giant is the largest manufacturer of the world's bike population. Giant gave birth to the second generation Trance somewhere in mid 2007 and since then there were great reviews on the bike which you can view below. Here is a brief history of the company

One point I have noted that is most of the renowned bike manufacturers have their bikes build in Taiwan such as Jamis, Scott, Specialized and so on. Giant being the household name in Taiwan, it is logical to get a bike that the country industry is based upon. Why would I pay more for an American model when it was built in Taiwan.

Second generation Trance X zero was built on the most advance technology; Alluxx Aluminum Technology and also the design of Maestro suspension which had proven very effective since 2005. The new design of the aluminum frame with four piviot point suspension had reduced the weight by 450gm from the first generation.

As for her looks, you have to agree that she is a beauty, the polished bared aluminum make her stand out in the crowd and further to that she will take scratches that will not show too much. When you saddle her, the curves on the upper tube makes you look tall.

Reviews and News
Bike Magic
Dirt Rag magazine
Giant Trance X0 chosen for 2008 Best of Adeventure Gear

Adventure Around Chemu village in Wutai Township

Pingtung County
15 Feb 2009

If I counted correctly, 17 Serowan Bikers got together today for a little adventure on the wild side. The idea.... head to Wutai Township to visit an isolate waterfall and ride up the "sky city". I decided the skip the later and get back for some beer.

Sun Moon Lake Biking and Sitou Hiking

The weekend 6 to 8 Feb 2009, last minute decision to head up Sun Moon Lake and Sitou for some outdoor activity.

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 Google Map

This is the third time I have been to Sun Moon Lake but this time was different, we decided to bike around Sun Moon Lake.

Accommodation - Youth Centre
Room - 7/10 bedding was comfortable with wooden flooring
Food - 6/10 dinner was nothing great, breakfast was good.
Service - 7/10 no room service but the counter was helpful.
Room for 4 package would cost around NTD3100 included bikes (Giant Boulder), dinner and breakfast

Activity - 20km biking around the lake.
Resource - Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area

Sitou Forest Recreation Park 溪頭森林遊樂區 Google Map

Indeed is a recreation park, basically you just walk and walk and view the nature. Most of the path have been paved so kids and elderly could just do it.
Accommodation - Youth Centre
Room - 7/10 wooden flooring no beds but bedding provided
Food - 6/10 nothing fantastic
Service - 6/10 no room service but counter was helpful
Room package of 8 included dinner and breakfast cost around NTD3500

Activity - 20km of so call "Hiking".

Well.. This is not really an adventure trip but a recreation fun for family. However I did some workout like pushing myself biking faster up the mountain in Sun Moon Lake and running up and down almost 2km of steps in Sitou. It been 2 days since I am back and both my legs are still aching. Guess it had been a good work out over the weekend.

Ending the Rat Year in The MeiShan Kou Mountain,

As the RAT year coming to a closure and the coming of the OX. My partner's family decided to have a family outdoor camping. The plan was to get out during the long 9 days Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in Taiwan but we decided to push it ahead. We predicted that the mountains will be filled by humans and the city would be dead like a ghost town during the CNY. So we decided to beat the crowd to it and head off early.