Earthen Jar Oven Roast Chicken 甕窯雞

宜蘭礁溪 JiaoXi, Ilan County
N24.83711 E121.78682
Last visited 17 Jul 2009

This is the best roasted chicken I tasted in Taiwan or my entire life. The chicken is roast to perfection and marinated with garlic and other spices. The texture of the chicken meat just melts in your mouth with the fantastic flavour.

The chicken roasted in the earthen jar oven have pressure gauges on them so that the cook can maintain the right roast. I understood that the chicken are between 130 to 150 days old and must be around 1.5kg.

The chicken are roasted vertically so that the juices and fats will follow down the metal plate below and create a smoky flavour

Unlike other roast, the chicken is roasted using only Lychee and Longan wood to create a distinctive smoky flavour

Look at the color of the chicken!! How can one denied that this is not a perfect roast. If you do not chicken breast meat, just try dipping into the flavoured sauce from the roast and it will change your mind.

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