SiChuan MaLa Hot Pot

Lao SiChuan 老四川
Kaohsiung City
Last Visited: Oct 2009

Lao SiChuan which just relocated a month ago in Kaohsiung City has been receiving a rather good response from the diners. If you have not made any prior appointment, you would have to wait for atleast 45min to an hour. I decided to check out what is so special about this restaurant.

Previously located along 中山二路, the restaurant has  relocated just outside the main road of 南屏路

The main door is flanked by 2 dragon pillars and rolls of beautiful Chinese lantern

miniature Terracotta warriors

restaurant interior

Simple table setting with a bowl of garnish for your dip, you are supposed to add the MaLa soup with it . According to the Manger, Sichuan hot pot does not come with such garnish dip but just to suit the locals  habits of dipping their food during steamboat or hot pot session.

a steel kettle of Chinese Tea

The hot pot comes in Yin and Yang version, one is spicy and the other is not.

Sliced meat of an one year old lamb. Unlike some lamb meat which is slightly tougher, this lamb meat is tender and really tasty.

Tiger Prawns

Chinese cabbage

This is my third time having SiChuan MaLa hot pot. The last time was 2 years ago in Taichung City. I am not a fan of MaLa hot pot, so what do I think about this meal? Well, I did like the tofu and duck's blood in the soup, the lamb meat was super. The MaLa broth was not spicy enough to numb my mouth and the other clear broth was not tasty enough to make me drink the second time. I would have to add a little of the MaLa broth to increase the taste.
Most of the dishes are A-la-carte, they do have set dishes but not for 2 person. However you get to take back home both unfinished broth with added more broth, tofu and duck's blood. Enough to feed another 8 person!!

MaLa hot pot is a dish to be taken during winter, the amount of oil in the MaLa broth should help you to increase the fats but in Taiwan they have taken this dish as another iconic food. Taiwan weather is not extreme enough so this hot pot should not be taken as a diet.

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