Hermit Crab

Kending, Pintung County
Last Visited: 14 Nov 2009

This is by far the biggest hermit crap I have seen. When we caught it, it quickly left the shell and tried to make a quick escape. This is also my first time I have seen a hermit crab off the shell. When it was fully extended, it was bigger than my hand and almost the size of a baseball cap.

There are many species of hermit crab but generally there are 2 kinds, In Taiwan you can find both land and aquatic hermit crab. Aquatic hermit crab are smaller and more colourful. The new fave right now is keeping hermit crab as pet however before you purchase a new pet, please watch this vid and think about it. There is a good website that gives you a proper guide on hermit crab as pet.

There is a new research studies indicating that crab do feel and remember pain on CNN

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