Seafood Hotpot in DongGang

Pingtung County
N22.47204 E120.45990
Last Visited 7 Nov 2009

We had a pleasure of being invited to DongGang for a delicious hotpot dinner by our friends, ZongHan and YaPing. Before we had dinner our couple friends brought us to an outdoor equipment factory for a visit. The hotpot shop had low tables and chairs and there is even a Karaoke room to go with your hotpot. 

This steamboat is one of the best I had in Taiwan, the ingredient is first stir fried in the hotpot before pouring in the 柴鱼片 Bonito broth. I must say the broth is really good and there is an option for more refills. 

We had a big Seafood platter for NT380. There are other variety like beef, lamp etc but when you in DongGang, seafood is the ideal choice.

live prawns

I like fried rice but this is the first time I had dried shrimp fried rice. The dried shrimp is fried till it is crispy and topped over the fried rice. It seems the combination goes very well. I will be nicer if I had my sambal belacan.

our friends, ZongHan and YaPing

The hotpot shop is located near the Night Market which opens twice a week. Not sure which are the days but we were there on Friday

candy store

Overall the experience was great, the hotpot dinner did not cost too much. For a dinner for 4, I think the bill was below NT600. There are so many hidden treasures in Taiwan and only the local knows where. I am glad our friends ZongHan and YaPing had invited us. If we do pass by the area, we will drop by this hotpot shop again.

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