Chiayi and Tainan Ride

3 May 2009 Chiayi Ride
Location: Tainan and Chiayi County
Distance: 20Km

Last weekend, the FSB Club did a 200km ride from Kaoshiung to Jingliao and back. I decided that we would meet them in Jingliao instead and ride around the area then head up to Chiayi for overnight camping.

Jingliao Village
Jingliao is a quiet village, located in Tainan County. It is mostly surrounded by padi fields. There is Catholic Church that was feature in China Post but honestly there is nothing amazing about the church. What is nice there are the old heritage houses and the banana ice sobet.

Yanshuei Township
From Jingliao, the FSB bikers back track to Kaohsiung and decided to stop over Yanshuei Township. More information on Yanshuei can be found HERE
Their noodle is really good. I finally found the mee-pok version noodle that I miss so much back home. Now I can make my own mee-pok prawn noodle

Jaiyou Bike Path
After reading this article from The China Post
I decided to pay a visit to Chiayi Jiayou Bike Path that was build along an abondon railway track. According to China Post it said the path was 3.5km but on my GPS it is not even 3Km but 2.9Km from start to end. You can have a look on the Google Map above which I have mark out the track.
They had build wooden walk way on the track and still building which I found it was unnecessary, waste of money and killing more trees. The bike path doesn't takemy breath away but I felt like I was cycling in someone's back yard. Well I must say they have pretty nice backyard garden.
If you wish to ride there, best is you park your car at the Solar Exploration Center which we did.

Lan-Tan Reservior
蘭潭露營區 or Lan-Tan Campsite was suppose to be our overnight stop but somehow when we arrived there, it was not open. We decided to drive around the reservior maybe we can find a spot to camp but the area was fill with bikers cycling around it and hikers. After much consideration we decided to head back Koahsiung instead.

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