Kenting September Break

Pingtung County
Last Visited 19 Sep 2009

I was dying for another break, the city life is wearing me down each day. I needed SUN, SAND and Sea!! But I prefer to go on a less crowded days so I waited till the school break in Taiwan is over. We drove straight down to the last campsite, DaYuanShan Camp 大圓山露營區 when my kids was here in June after cycling 120km from Kaohsiung. We spent 4 days camping at the same spot. The weather was rather interesting, it was humid on the first day, second and third days was raining and finally sunshine on the last day.

our first day dinner was rather expensive, probably we ordered too much.

these BBQ squids are very tasty and is nice to go along with beer. There is a particular stall that I will always buy from when I am in Kenting.

our camp ground for 4 days

this is the reason why I spent 4 days here, just relax have some beer and enjoy the view

came across a hermit crab in the morning

and a poor bird got caught in an illegal netting

tried to free her and got peck on my fingers so I ended up wearing a pair gloves to get the job done.

There was an abandon bar at the campsite. I spoke to the owner my interest in taking over this place, still waiting for a reply.

visited some beaches

Private beach belonging to Ceaser Resort

experiment with a DIY Taiwn Beer Wood Gas Stove
Works pretty well.

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