Dongguang Fishery Port

Last Visited 30 Sep 2009
Pingtung County

I found this fishery port last 2 years while visiting Kenting and since then I have been returning to this port to get fresh seafood supply. Most of the time when I was there, I was not able to see the Tuna catch and auction because the wet market would only begin around 4pm and by then the auction center would have ended. So this time I was there early before noon and managed to get a glimpse of Tuna auction in action but on the other hand my fresh seafood supplies was short, only a handful of fresh seafood stall was opened.

not sure what is the name of this deep-sea fish

another deep sea fish called "That fish"

poor shark

at the Tuna auction center

somebody's Tuna

rolls and rolls of Tuna

a lady's handy work on the Tuna head

blind Tuna

wonder where all this guts will go

fresh Tuna Sashimi

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