120Km Kaohsiung to Kenting

Date: 6 Jun 2009
Biking Distance: 120Km

Together with my kids and partner we joined ak, Mr Ong, Ginson and the kids from Koahsiung on their graduation ride from Kaohsiung to Kenting.

It has been a while since my kids have cycled with me and this is their first long distance ride. My intention was to ride to Kenting and camp there for a few days. Ak and Mr Ong cycled with us for the next 50Km till Fangliao and had lunch there before they turned back to Kaohsiung.

We arrived Cheateu Beach Resort and had used their facility for free only if you rode 100km or more. We later discover that they had stopped the offer since last month but they had still allowed us to use it.

The next 2 days we rode around Kenting visiting a few campsites and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and food.

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