Laonong River White Water Rafting

Fee: NT700 weekdays / NT800 weekend
Last visited: 19 Jun 2009

To get to Laonong White Water Rafting, you will have to drive along Provincial Route 27 to BoaLai. The Rafting company is located at the Northern part of town.
They provide life-jackets and helmets. Footwear is necessary and no flip-flop otherwise they have China made wet water shoes for NT100 which is not too bad.
They are very strict with safety, kids below 12 are not allowed. They thought my son was below that cause he was too short for his age.

We had the prvillage to raft with Kaohsiung County Mayor's wife. She was there because Boalai was holding a Triathlon the next day.

This is my third time rafting in Taiwan and my second in Laonong River. I must say this is the best rafting I experience. Piror to the activities, Southern Taiwan had been raining for a few days and the Typhoon was coming up from the South. The River was just perfect for 17km of white water rafting that day.

Taking a lorry ride to the river

Fun begins by splashing a buket of cold river water

Rest stop...

kids having fun drifting down the river

Kids having a privilage high speed ride. everyone was so envy including me!!

 End of trip


lynn said...

hi, chanced upon your blog while searching for river rafting in taiwan. i would like to know how i should go about booking for the river rafting package? cant seem to find much information on the net. thanks!

Admin said...

Hi Lynn,
Laonong White River rafting is closed. The river is no longer fit for such activities due to last Aug 2009 typhoon disaster. The only place I can think off now is in Hualien County, Ruiesuei Township. Most of the rafting activities can be arrange on location. I would suggest you call them before heading down. The best time for rafting would be between June and Oct.
It is best you spend a night around the area. There are many places to visit such as hotspring etc. Arrange the rafting booking for next day morning. Afternoon rafting can be very hot but anyway the river water will cool you off, just dun get the sun burn :)

Here is the starting point of rafting. You might want to camp there for a night.

Otherwise check here out


lynn said...

hi, thanks alot for your reply!

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edelweiss said...

Its me krishna k rokka from kathmandu nepal.i am rafting guide i have been norway india and japan for guiding i eant to exprince from taiwan river is their any posibility? Please let me know if their any hope