Maolin Disaster Area - Day 1 (click here to photo album)

After 1 week Tyohoon Morakot left Taiwan, me and the Formosan Serow Bike Club together 8 of us decided to head down to Maolin to lend a helping hand. So on Sat 15 Aug morning we met at the bike school to assist in delivering the supplies to Maolin villages.

at Bike School Depot loading supplies

FSBikers ready to assist

here we go...

getting fuel to the villages

the road gets tougher ahead

sometimes "SHIT" just happen

one of the FSB Angels.... there are 4 more not in pics

Some of the views from the disaster

Maolin Nation Park Visitor Center

road that leads to Qing Ren Waterfall

Front View

That all you get from the front view

red car under the debris from the big flood

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oyyp said...

Actions speak louder than words.
you guys are great.