Typhoon Morakot - Kaohsiung City Hall Relief Center

When I decided to donate my 2 sleeping bags, I was glad to see that there are so many volunteers at the relief center. Cars after cars came in with their donations. There are many rations being donated but I still feel they need more warm clothing and blankets.

On 6 Aug, I expected this will be a very big typhoon from the satellite images. Taiwanese report indicated that there will be heavy rainfall in the north but according to my findings it will be more rainfall in the south but never did anyone realise that the typhoon was going to slow down. It stayed on the island for almost 72hrs bringing a record high of rainfall to almost 3000mm in some places.
Just like the Tsunami back in 2005, flooding is the worst disaster compare to earthquakes. When you have a fallen building during an earthquake, there is a high chance of finding someone alive but when you have flooding with torrential water, everything is swept into the ocean. This disaster I estimated that it will take Taiwan atleast 6 months to 2 years to clean up. From building back almost 20 fallen bridges, reclaiming those land that was wash away and clearing all the mud that is left over from a complete fallen mountain. This effort cannot be achieved by the government alone. The people have to help in order to bring those fallen back on their feet. Especially those living in the north and partying, it is time to help your own country. I reckon this is the worst disaster compare to 921 earthquake 10 years ago.

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