Little Ghost Lake Trail Ride

Sat 3rd Jan 2009 was the most memorial MTB ride I ever had. I like to thanks the Formosan Serow Biking Club for inviting me to a trail exploration ride in Pingtung County, Wutai up in the mountain 1400m high to Little Ghost Lake (2300m). Altogether we had 8 bikers including a lady in the group; 勁桑、宗漢、錦芳、志明、ak,Spencer與阿宏、騰宏(另肥羊、龍大哥請病假). Our group leader Ah Kuei was riding a 29" SINGLE speed bike.... What can I say more... he's the man!!

Couple of years back the trail was destroyed by an earthquake and nobody knew if it is passable. This time the FSB bikers were there to see if the route was ride able. On the map, the route in pink was the intended trial ride which covers almost 23km to Little Ghost Lake. Somehow we manage to get 8.6km far in. Along the trial we had to carry our bikes across the landslide obstacles. The portion of the landslip had loose stone and it was fatal if we put our foot on the wrong places. Overall the ride was adventurous and beautiful. At certain point the temperature fell to 8.6 deg but we did not feel cold. Maybe we were working too hard carrying our bikes☺

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